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Snowdrops in the rain

Despite all the recent rain the sun was out earlier in the week and I spent a morning lifting and dividing snowdrops with one of my clients in their woodland garden in Mereworth, Kent. If you’re in Kent you can visit the garden and enjoy these snowdrops when it opens on 16th and 23rd of February as part of the National Garden Schemes (NGS). The garden opens again in March for the daffodils and also later in the year for autumn colour.

Back home I have replanted 100 of the snowdrops amongst some Hellebores on either side of the brick path which divides the large flowerbeds that take up about two thirds of my small, rather shady back garden. I am going to have patience for the snowdrops to fill out and form the carpets of tiny white bells I have pictured in my mind. They will give a lift to the delicate, nodding, dusky pink flower heads of the Hellebores which can get lost against the dark soil at this time of year. Snowdrops and Hellebores are one of my favourite plant combinations, pretty and pure, and whose appearance, so early, surprises and delights me every year. They should be planted where they can be seen; along a frequently used path, in the front garden or in view of a window – I admire mine when doing the washing up. They remind me that the garden isn’t dead, just dozing, that the rain will eventually stop and before I know it I’ll be complaining that the ground is too dry to stick a fork into (well, you have keep positive in this game).