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The summer garden

After all the rain earlier in the year and all the recent sunshine, there have been some spectacular displays of flowers as you’ll see from these photos I’ve taken whilst out and about. But what’s good for our treasured ornamental plants is also good for weeds so it’s been a very busy June trying to keep on top of things.

This month I’ve also completed a planting job near Maidstone, been to Sevenoaks to look at designing a large family garden and been commissioned to redesign a rather neglected front garden in Canterbury. I’m quite exhausted really and looking forward to a week off in July!

Peony ‘Bowl of Beauty’. Rosa De L’Hay with Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low’ behind
Astrantia ‘Superstar’. Campanula lactiflora ‘Prichard’s Variety’ with Achillea ‘Credo’

On the 15th June I went to ‘The Little Gardens of Sandwich’ which was a wonderful opportunity to have a look around a number of private, hidden, walled gardens in the medieval town of Sandwich and try not to buy any plants at the many plant stalls. Each year gardens in a different part of the town and this year was the turn of the gardens surrounding St Clements Church which benefits from any money raised. Not sure if it was the sunshine or to it being Father’s Day but Sandwich was packed, with queues to get into some of the gardens. As always with open garden events there was a real variety of styles and wonderful planting but I really loved the mix of formal topiary and voluminous planting at St Clements House below:

One garden which we passed but wasn’t open for charity was The Secret Garden at The Salutation, a Gertrude Jekyl designed garden laid out around a Lutyens house. It opens to the public throughout the summer so I intend to pop back and have a look, and see how it has bounced back after being completely flooded by a tidal surge up the river Stour earlier in the year.

Finally I just wanted to include these photos of a Marble White butterfly (with open and closed wings) on a Pyrimidal Orchid taken the same weekend by hubby down at Sandwich bay.