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RHS Hampton Court Flower Show – just a few weeks to go…

It’s less than 5 weeks now until building starts on our show garden which feels, scarily, far too soon!

A few weeks ago we had a day at Hampton Court Palace to meet the RHS Show team and the other designers and landscapers as well as have a look at our plot. The show is held in the deer park and it is amazing to think that in the space of a few days it will be transformed into the largest garden show in the world. As you can see from the photos, you need real vision to imagine how our small 6×7 metre garden is going to look, something I guess us designers should find easy to do….. The Summer gardens are all together and ours will be the first you come to, on the corner close to the palace gates (next to the Champagne tent!), which will hopefully make it easy for people to find us.

Designer Wendy von Buren & our Landscaper Paul Tattersall checking out the plot

The plants are going to be so important to the success of the garden that we’ve had a few visits to see them at The Plant Company in Pulborough, West Sussex, where they are being lovingly looked after.  In a space of just a few weeks they have come on so much we just hope that Tim is able to stop the eager ones from flowering too soon!

Back in April
Earlier this week

Another rather exciting day out of the office was visiting carpenter Rob Drumgold in his workshop in Essex, where he is turning our oak bench design into reality. Still to be varnished and attached to a metal framework, we thought it looked great just lying on the floor!

Next week it is, of course, Chelsea Flower Show. It should be a good day out for the Wellbeing of Women Garden team, to have a rest from all the planning and get some last minute inspiration from the pros.